Comedy TV shows with a God theme

Do you remember when undercover cop stories were all the rage? What am I saying, there is like one new cop show every frigging week. Recently, I noticed that God stories were all the rage. It started with The Good Place, about four people that die and make it into heaven, except that heaven is not anything like they thought it would be and some of them were pretty horrible on earth. It has evolved as a show from season to season and will end after the next season (Season 4). Last year, another show started God Friended Me about an atheist who gets friended by God on facebook and sent friend requests of people he is supposed to help- honestly made me think why a person called “millennial prophet” would pay that much attention to facebook instead of say instagram? But then again, thia is a show about God sending people to do his work through facebook sooo

Most recently, Miracle Workers debuted its pilot about Heaven Inc going bust because God is having a mid-life crisis triggered by people not liking him enough anymore. He enters into a bet with an employee that if she can answer the prayer of two (geeks obviously) to fall in love in two weeks, Heaven Inc can stay in operation. It has been renewed for Season 2.


Are these shows great? Not really. Do I watch all of them? Obviously. You kind of just have to take them for what they are and enjoy it.

Best of 2014 : New TV Shows (Fluff)

Before I begin: a warning. My taste in tv is light and airy, it's supposed to entertain, life is already deep and dark enough so this list is going to appeal mainly to people that feel like that. And I feel like I have to mention this: I DIDN'T LIKE BREAKING BAD. So with all that information, clearly stated, I feel like you can proceed at your own risk.

1. Jane the Virgin

This is the ridiculous of ridiculous. It's written a bit like a telenova and if you've ever watched one of those, you'd know that it is a melting pot of over the top storylines and people dying. Jane, a 2nd generation American with an abuela that instills the fear of something in her, decided to wait till marriage to have sex. But mistakenly gets artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man she had a crush on who is also her boss who is also the man her cop boyfriend is get the idea. 

2. Cristela

Not another lawyer show! Yes, another lawyer show, what can I say...lawyers are awesome or everyone is a lawyer. Cristela is a New Jersey gal (yes, accents)...trying to make it as a lawyer in the big city, more or less. I like her. 

3. Red Band Society
Not another medical show! Yes, another medical show, but plot twist, with teenagers- oh oh. All these kids with long term illnesses bond in a hospital with the usual hospital/teenage drama.

4. Finding Carter

Not another teen show! Yep- another. Carter kidnapped at 3, finds out when she's 16 that the woman she thought was her mother is actually her kidnapper. Reunited with her actual parents in another town, she's finding it hard to settle in and misses her kidmother? Yeah, all that with usual teenage drama, heartaches and your parents are imperfect..etc

5. You're the Worst

Two people better suited to one night stands and not getting their lives together meet at a wedding and hit it off and off course end up together. This explores the dysfunction that they are. It's not soap recorded in front of a live studio audience funny. it's better than that.

I have to add at this point that I'm sick of Tv making it seem like you will all get together in the end. You won't. Don't get stuck with a commitphobe because of tv. 

6. Married

Pretty much the couple in You're the Worst after they've been married for some years. a lot-ish of years. At least that's my theory, but hey. Read the last three sentences of the above. Above above, aka no 5.

7. Chasing Life

Girl finds out she has cancer, juggling that with her life basically. 

8. Silicon Valley

I have to say...This is my absolute favourite show from this year. Socially awkward tech guys trying to be the next big startup and socially awkward massive tech guys trying to stay relevant.

9. Broad City

This comes from the youtube show of the same name. Two girls, best friends and their day to day life in New York. It's not New York as we've seen it on any other show and more importantly, it's not about New could be set in any city anywhere and and and their random mix of friends would still be just who they are. 

10. The Lottery

At first, I was taken in by the hype of this show, fancy costumes, set in the future - smart sounding plot and about three episodes in , i realised that this was just well packaged nonsense. Entertaining nonsense. It's the future (glass iPhones) and there is a fertility crisis but a scientist in America has managed to fertilise 100 embryos. These embryos are central to the plot of solving mysteries, terrorism, double agents, etc etc.

11. Satisfaction

What is the plot of this show? I really cannot definitively say and episode to episode, I asked myself up till the end of the series. There are excerpts, there is self discovery, there is infidelity , love, confusion. Maybe watch it and explain it to me.

12. How To Get Away With Murder
I love Greys Anatomy. And I'm starting to understand that 'I Love Greys Anatomy' doesn't necessarily mean 'I Love everything Shonda Rhimes is involved in'. So far, I don't love this show. Then again, I don't like plots centred around one central event. (looking at you Pretty Little Liars), so understandably, I just want to know, do they get away with murder and does everyone end up happily ever after?

Now, a loot of shows have come out this year. Among the others i've tried and discarded are:

Bad Judge
Manhattan Love Story
Marry Me

Styling Viola Davis

It was the final scene of episode 4, Season 1 of How To Get Away With Murder. Annalise Keating sat in front of her mirror and calmy took off all her make-up (i wish taking off make-up could always look so deeply emotional in real life, but it's anything but...

At that point, the one thing that stood out to me was , this is how Viola Davis should be styled. Not because she's not the 'typical' actress look but because theres no need for her to look quite so harsh. We can get strong black woman without the severe hair and dark accessories. 

In this scene, I nearly screamed for joy. the hair was curled, the make-up was softer, her guard was down. 

Going to put make-up on so I can take it off like this.