The Wedding Party Movie Review


If the advertising budget for the wedding party was anything to go by, a lot of effort went into this movie. I saw the trailer for this movie EVERYWHERE, by the time it came out, I was already thinking I have to see it. Rewind. Romantic comedies in all forms of entertainment are the baseline of what I like. I love love, sue me. I also LOVE seeing black people on tv. It’s the reason I’ve watched more than one Tyler Perry movie and relentlessly give all movies and tv shows with a black cast a fighting chance, including a lot of Nollywood stuff.

This movie is chuck full of popular romantic tropes and many Nigerian ones- reformed bad boy getting married to quintessential good girl. ‘Good girl” as defined by entertainment is usually a colourless one dimensional character that is extremely naïve- and to be fair, Adesuwa Etomi, as “bride’ fit that stereotype perfectly. She shows her friends her wedding lingerie- a pink and white polka dot tank top and shorts combo and I can’t help but roll my eyes.

There’s also the cold in-law, and Ireti Doyle, surprisingly, overdoes it completely, providing the contrast between the ‘high class family’ talking about taste and potato dauphinoise vs the “razz” family that is overly excited about amala and their daughter getting married.

The actual wedding was the greater part of the movie and it was a lit wedding. There were times when it literally felt like I was watching someone’s actual wedding video, take from that what you will.

But where the wedding party excelled was being a typical but relatable rom com. In place of the airport scene is a scene where bride is chased to her “favorite spot”, by a fire on the beach front. WHERE? All the things that make Nigerian weddings familiar were present and a little bit exaggerated- the over the top wedding planner, struggles of a guest list, stealing at weddings, the ridiculous prayers, the dance in, the “ex” coming to criticise and stir up drama, same as the side chick, families fighting and then reconciling, fighting over souvenirs. There was a lot to laugh about and there was a lot to relate to.

I have to shout out to the stellar performance by Sola Sobowale- she stole every scene she was in, glorious as an actress.

If this is the future of Nigerian romantic comedy, I’m pretty excited. And a last note of warning, don't watch it if you don't like rom-coms for goodness sake. You'll come out shouting that it's overrated and underwhelming and that's not the movies fault. 



Frank Ocean's Blond: A Review

Mate, Frank Ocean made us wait how long for this album? Come on! By the time it came out, people were expecting fairy dust and unicorn zoos. These things don't exist so it was clearly not going to happen but I think he came pretty close (tooth fairy level). 

I'm going to review with the help of my friends (whose permissions I did not obtain in advance)

01 Nikes

You start this thinking 'mate if this is what I'm looking forward to, it's sick!

02 Ivy

You know that song in the album you know that you're going to skip after the first few listens? This is it.

03 Pink + White

He said it best.

04 Be Yourself

One time I was listening to this album at 6am in the kitchen and my mum came and started talking to me and this came on and it just cast this nice holy veil on my head. Same thing happened with my friend, but with her driver.

05 Solo

"In hell, In hell, there's heaven" , theres context for this lyric but based on my social conditioning, I still feel guilty about it

08 Good Guy

This is one of my faves because it comes up at a point where I've stopped listening to the thing and my ears perk up again

09 Nights

I think this is the first easy fave - until pick + fucking above (please see above)

12 Facebook Story

LOL- this asshat with this French accent

Female perspective (right perspective)

male perspective (wrong perspective)


15 Siegfried

Love- this is actually one of the longer songs and after all the snippets almost, you just want that

17 Futura Free

Perfect End.

I love this album, thank you Frank. 

Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State, Nigeria Review

Once upon a time, I stumbled on photos of kajuru castle online. It looked too good to be true. I showed some of my friends and they basically ignored me. It just sounded like false gist. Fastforward to earlier this year and a bunch of people I knew went. They loved it, so when another opportunity came to go, I hopped on it real quick.

I edited down from 119 pictures. At first, I was thinking, OMG, I need to show the views, it's so beautiful, but honestly, there are so many pictures of the castle already online, Just google 'kajuru castle.' Some of the photos look fake but trust me, it looks exactly like the photos. This is basically going to be more a practical guide of what to expect if you decide to go there. 

We drove from Abuja. There were 20 of us so we rented two buses because you have to take all your food and drink basically. Think of it as staying in an empty but nice house. It was a 3 hour drive, fairly straightforward.

So much excitement when we got to the little gate. That road ahead looks normal, but its so steep, and you have to drive up it. We started the drive and stalled midway, we all screamed, imagined our deaths and came back down really slowly. After that, we decided to just walk up and let the driver take his chances (with all of our luggage).

Our bus had fewer people and a careful driver. The white bus managed to drive up easily. 

So exciting walking up to the gate of the castle and beginning our little tour.

There are 5 bedrooms in the castle, all with two single beds which can be separated or joined together. Most of the rooms are in a tower (one room on each floor) and the master bedroom in the main house. The master bedroom and one other room have en suite bathrooms and the other rooms have a bathroom each but not en-suite.

Old ass crocodile!

The dining room

The kitchen (not pictured) has gas and two fridges and plates and pots and stuff. Many meals went down there.

The couches were specifically prepared for us as extra sleeping area because we were such a large group, which is why these cute mosquito nets are on them. They were actually really comfortable but apparently the castle maximum is actually 12. 

Master bedroom

Everyone basically put their stuff in here and I think 6 of us slept in here. It was pretty comfortable.

The sauna



It was so hard to find a time when the pool was empty to to take this photo so I waited till everyone was in the sauna. (or almost everyone).

There's space to have a party. I think you can also go up just for the day. They have a tower of speakers and you can play your own music. We had some pretty amazing playlists. 

They only accept one booking a time, so you don't share the castle with other guests, which is nice. 

I'd go back there again and again. 

Best iPad and iPhone Apps of all time

Soundcloud (iphone + ipad, free)

Hello, duh! I love soundcloud because it's all about finding that new artiste or that new remix or actually just someone old making new shit. It never ever gets tiring. The only downside is it requires an internet connection. It's 2015. Get one!

Shazam (iphone + ipad, free)

I don't know how obvious it is that I love music, but everyone NEEDS shazam. You know when you hear a random song anywhere and you need to know what it is, just shazam it (yes, the app is so popular and important, it's now a verb). Open the app and let it listen to the song for a few seconds, so it tells you whats playing. Magic trick.

Whats App (iphone, free)

I wasn't going to state the obvious, but whats app is the best messaging app bar none! For something that has been around for so long and that Facebook is involved in, thats rare.

ABM- A Beautiful Mess (iphone + ipad, $0.99)

I don't know if it's obvious but I'm a little fanatical about my photos and edits. ABM is the best app for customising photos. It's simple but sleek. There a million and one apps that do the same thing but none like ABM. I would say I'm biased because I love their blog but I didn't even know about the blog when I started using this app. Infant, the app was so good, it made me start reading their blog!

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal (iPhone + iPad , free)

Listen. If you're going to count calories and you're not counting with My fitness pal, then I honestly DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Tracking calories is hard and it's so easy to underestimate how much you're casually wolfing down   (your plate of party rice is probably not 300 calories)and 'just one' chocolate bar is not 100 calories. Get it!

UBER (iphone, free)

How did I get around before Uber? Wait, I didn't. I just stayed indoors all the time. Uber has genuinely changed my life. I'm not so sure I'll be all up on the idea of Uber in other countries tbh because like it's basically a strangers car (insert fearmoticon) but in Nigeria, It's pretty much cab companies that sign up or individuals with the mind set of cab companies. It's so convenient and oh btw, here's a Code that gives you a free ride! (it gives me a free ride too. Also, it's N2k credit on your account not like free- if your ride is over 2k you'll get charged the difference) for more on how uber works, read my review on uber here.

Instasize(iphone + ipad, free)

You know when you have a badass full length photo, but can't get it the silly instagram frame? Easy peasy- stick it in this app and open it in instagram! Problem solved!

IF (IFTTT) (iphone + ipad, free)

I should have done a whole post on this app actually. It used to be called IFTTT (if this then that) and that's basically what it does. You can set up a whole set of actions. So in this post where I talked about getting emailed HONY updates, I set it up in IFTTT, so 'if Humansofny posts a new photo' then 'send me the post as an email', it works with an endless amount of channels. The possibilities!!

Duolingo (iphone + ipad, free)

Learn language in a fun way! Duolingo structures language learning like a game, taking you through levels that include speaking, listening and writing. I'm using it for french at the moment and really enjoy it. It even has a web app so you can pick up where you left off across all your devices.

Kindle (iphone + ipad, free)

Read anything! I use it to read pdf documents, magazines  and well, books that I don't download from amazon and books that I download from amazon . It's cross platform as well so when I finally give up on apple, I can take all my stuff with me.

incredibooth(iPhone + ipad, free)

These days, one of the best things about the reception is the photo booth, so how great is it to have a photo booth on your phone!

My Year In Books so far

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

It's in that 'if you like gone girl, you'll like this category' but I kind of have to disagree. Gone girl isn't really a mystery so much as a journey to why two people are as messed up as they are. This is a mystery, as in you don't find out what happens till the very end. It was an easy read but it was all very surface in the end. It tried to cover so many issues- alcoholism, the fallout from losing a loved one, domestic abuse, being the other woman, therapy, sociopaths, child molesters, drug abuse, infidelity. Geez! Everything was very surface and I felt like maybe the author didn't particularly understand any of these issues in any depth. Then again, these are things we can observe without deep understanding right?

Hamilton High-The DUFF - Kody Keplinger

Remember I blogged about the movie the duff before? Well, I got excited when I found out it was made from a book and decided to read it. Bad bad idea. The book doesnt have the same plot as the movie, from the trailer anyway, so it ended up being a book about teenage problems and teenage love and teenage bad decisions, which is great, but largely uninteresting the way this is written. It's no fault in our stars or perks of being a wallflower. Sigh.

The Fishermen- Chigozie Obioma

A dark tragedy about brothers who get a prophecy from a mad man and how their lives change afterwards. I typically don't read anything dark so imagine my surprise when I got sucked into this by my love for reading African books. The book is very wordy, but the story is surprisingly engaging.

We Were Liars- E.Lockhart

This book is supposed to be the bestest bestest book YA book ever if reviews are anything to go by. I did not find this to be so. It's about a group of teenagers who holiday on an island every summer and family secrets and the difficulty in being wealthy and etc. I think as I grow older, I fine YA fiction to be tedious. Teenagers are SO NARCISSISTIC in fiction. I just keep wanting to shout 'AAARGH!'

The Girl From Nowhere- Dorothy Koomson

I love Dorothy Koomson. So whatever I'm reading at the time, I pause to read her when she has a new book out. The central theme of this book is adoption, feeling like an outsider and a splash of racism.  Although I found the protagonist childish for a 37 year old, it was an easy and enjoyable read that took only a few hours to get through.

Only Ever Yours- Louise O'Neill

A dystopian novel about a school where women are groomed to become wives, concubines or nuns. I think writing in dystopian settings is an excuse sometimes to not try. As much as I got what the theme was - the story didn't really push any boundaries.

The Two of Us- Andy Jones

An unconventional love story featuring massive age gaps, chastity, unexpected pregnancy and a hesitation that's often missing from written love stories.

The Dish- Stella Newman

I read Stella Newmans debut book pear shaped and absolutely loved it. It was a honest telling of an overweight protagonist so when I saw that she has a new book, I almost broke my finger downloading it (and by downloading, i mean buying off amazon and downloading to my kindle). Its about a love story between a chef and an anonymous food critic. A book that has food as it's central element? I was sold before I even started and it was great. It's an easy escapist read.

Dangerous Girls- Abigail Haas

A group of friends go on holiday and one of them ends up dead. Well, murdered. Who murdered her? The book is a juxtaposition between current courtroom events and flashbacks from the past. It made me scared to think how easily you could end up on the wrong side of the legal system in a foreign country.

If You Could Be Mine- Sara Farizan

This book is set in Iran and is about two teenage lesbians who can't be together for obvious cultural reasons.  After reading Girls of Riyahd, set in Saudi Arabia, I gravitate towards books with a layered cultural background. This fell short. I don't know why I'm reading so many YA books this year. But I think I need to stop actually. There was a sense of desperation , but it didn't feel real. It felt, as usual, overly dramatic. I felt like the plot could have been so much more exploratory.  I wanted it to be more of a cultural discourse than it turned out to be. 

5 Days Juicing Review

So I've decided to do it again. Juice! My last experience was pretty abysmal even if I was incredibly proud at the time (read about it 


). Last week, I was convinced I was ready to juice. I even started on a Tuesday! I even bought juice! I ignored my juicer, electric orange squeezer and smoothie maker and I bought juice from Simply Green.

I bought 8 bottles for two days. Their service was excellent and the orange coloured juice was extremely tasty. The red one was vile. It tasted so so dusty. The green one tasted green. The apple and pear did nothing for the taste. I'd buy the green one again though, because its apparently chock-full of good stuff. Everything can't taste good all the time.

I figured that buying two days worth of juice would keep me accountable. The short story is it didn't work. I spent two days drinking juice and then settling in to dinner at home. The first day it was some delicious grilled chicken in a vegetable broth and the second day it was grilled chicken as well actually. Grilled chicken and fried meat. On the third day, I had run out of money and will, so I ate- chicken. (and meat-pie and rice, but please no judgment)

At the weekend, a fresh determination came over me. I spent hours reading reviews, I bought fruit and veg and recycled my bottles from simply green. I was ready. On Sunday night, I juiced 5 bottles and put them in the freezer ready for Monday morning.

Apparently this apple juice looks like sick

I recycled the simply green bottles and notice how I stuck to the cap colour


Day 1 was actually ridiculously easy. Surprisingly so. I peed a lot, but I wasn't really hungry or tempted. In fact, I didn't drink all my juice! It went so well, I was scared that the excitement was keeping me full and day 2 was going to be ridiculously hard.

Day 2

Weight loss- 1.4kg, 3.1pounds

Day 2 was easier. I feel like this review is turning out to be a bummer because I can't just slide in here and boast about a juice fast being easy and slide out. My juices on day 2 were probably more filling. I even had one with avocado, which was actually really delicious.

Day 3

Weight loss- 0.3kg, 0.7lbs

I had only lost 0.2kg. BUMMER. Day 3 itself was quite easy. However, I did have temptation, we had lunch at work and the food looked and smelled GREAT! But before lunch, I quickly had a juice in preparation and I was actually really fine. I started  researching longer juice fasts because the temptation to ride this wave of easiness and just do it for 10 days is STRONG.

Day 4

Weight loss- 1.3kg, 2.9lbs

Day 4 was the hardest day. I woke up and my mum had made me juice, not enough for a whole day but enough. So my day started on a high. I got dressed and went to the local government which proceeded to be a whole day affair. I came home, no light, no fuel, no way to make juice. Luckily, my mum had some juice so I drank some of it. By the time the gen came on, I was too tired to make juice quite honestly, so I slept really early.

Day 5

Weight loss- 0.7kg, 1.5lbs

The final day! whoop! all delusions of carrying on for a longer time were well and truly wiped from my mind. My pineapple juice was burning my mouth and I just needed to go back to not ingesting so much sugary liquid. I also had a banging headache that just wouldn't shift.

The day after

Total weight loss- 3.7kg, 8.2lbs

Not bad for 5 days. I would so definitely juice again. I think I was really hoping for it to be like this treacherous journey and it really wasn't. Maybe my body just really needed it. I have to say, I do NOT  feel detoxed in any way. Glowy skin, a lightness, blablabla- I have none of the above and I didn't cheat for 1 minute! I can't say why, but I guess I DID lose weight so I shouldn't complain too much. Who wants to do this with me next time?

Questions about nosa and folly: the lunch club at sakura

We've had our second lunch club now. I say 'we' because famz. I got there early and helped Folly make some key decisions. Anyway, it's funny that the first question everyone asks isn't 'so what's the relationship?' Maybe someone asked and I wasn't listening...

Anyway, the second lunch club was great for a few things;

1. It was more intimate 

2. We had less food which should sound positive but the food coma last time was something else

3. I got my own name tag! 

4. I liked the fact that there were a lot of the same people again. I think it also let the newer people feel more comfortable. I went with my cousin and she's already decided to go for the next one. 

my cousin, she blogs at

this tuna was delicious. 

This is one of the better miso soups I've had, but it's miso soup for goodness sake!

this salad was too fresh, I know it's salad, but chill

I'm not usually down for fried gyoza but this was good tbh

The lady gave me free ice cream! I guess I'm just cute like that :)

Sake shots- which actually are gross and taste too strongly of rice

Folly gave us these stickers and tried to convince me that my laptop was the best home for it (it's still in my bag but I'm going to put it on a notebook sha

The Lunch Club: RSVP

As a tribute to the Eat Drink Lagos blog, this post is going to be in the style of their blog.

Dami: I've recently written about how much I love the Eat Drink Lagos blog , so when they announced a lunch time event, I was excited. I wasn't REALLY planning to match my excitement to actually paying for it and going but my sister convinced me by booking two places, at N8000 a place, that was basically kidnap (the things you do for family)

Mide: Um, Dami, you asked me to book you a place

Dami: Mide you told me the day after so like...

Dami: Anyway, I like the building. 

Mide: It was nice. When we walked in there was a table full of men and another table full of people so it was like which one is our table

Dami: I almost jogged up to the owner and asked him. Thankfully, it wasn't the table full of men. 

Mide: This tag was soooo cute, I took it home 

Dami: yah, I mean I would have taken mine home too if she booked it in my actual name instead of her friends name...

Mide: I didn't think it would matter!

Dami: Right, whatever.

Dami: The first (of 7) courses was the fish macho. 

'White fish in sesame dip topped with sundries tomato on plantain base.' 

It looked nice and cute but it was MESSY to eat. The fish fell off, but it was okay. 

Mide: OMG, this was like good, i preferred it to the ugly prawn thing. I had like 3, it was so good. 

Dami: the prawn macho was basically the prawn version of the fish one. Meh.

Mide: I don't really like creamy stuff, so...

Mide: The chicken pops were papping! They were soo good, I had like ten. 

Dami: Everyone was raving about these, but to be honest, I've never really been that into sweet chicken.

Mide: the chicken log was definitely scotch egg disguised as chicken logs. 

Dami: I had high hopes for this, but I took one bite and just couldn't. Then again, I was full, so there was that. I just didn't feel like the cheese, chicken and the hard casing really worked together. 

Dami: I had the sweet berry which tasted really strongly of vanilla, which wasn't surprising but I had serious drink envy for the copa del lebanon. It looked fresh and delicious. 


Dami: look at iiiiit!

 Dami: look how cute this is

Mide: it's a table

Mide: I hooked girl up, hmm mm. Skin was looking on fleek.

Dami: my sister actually takes the best pictures of me. It's the love!

Dami: I love the wood details of the menu 

Mide: Oh my gosh (sarcastically because I have no actual views)

 Dami: these pulled pork sliders just didn't work for me. The pork was shredded really finely and it looked and tasted like beans. It just wasn't working for me. 

Mide: It was a bit sweet, but the bread was lovely.

Mide: who's that baddy on the wall

Dami: (she obviously means me)

Mide: There was so much food, I felt really sick for the rest of the evening. It was definitely worth the money though. 

Dami: It was TOO much food. I think the next one should have less food and at least one drink. Although water was included in this one and it was free. The lunch was definitely amazing. Conversation was great and it was a perfect number of people. I feel like a round table would be nicer for next time, there were some people I barely spoke to at all.  It was definitely worth it, especially in a place like RSVP where ordering starters can set you back N5000 on a regular day. 


I've heard of Nasty Gal but have never shopped on it, not even now after reading this amazing book by founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso. I found this book by accident on instagram where one of my friends recommended it. (I have a book buying problem). I bought it and I'm so glad. It's easy to read, short and very inspiring. It has none of the fluff people write when writing about themselves and it gives you a kick in wherever you need it to get a move on. 

It's a good book to read going into the new year if you need a little shove to keep those resolutions.

Cafe Neo Lagos

So today, I discovered this amazing blog called 

eat drink lagos

 and spent the morning reading their amazing posts. I've always loved this lagos food blog 

the service critic

 and while Peju of that blog, still gives a more clinical and robust view of restaurants, the style and humour of eat drink lagos is awesome. While I was on there, I read a post about cafe neo, it wasn't a review post, it was a giveaway. I had seen their picture on another blog before and got love hearts in my eyes when I saw that they sell BUBBLE TEA! So today, I took the sighting as a sign and paid a quick visit.

I couldn't take too many pictures of the interior because it was full of people tapping away at their MacBooks and enjoying what (i didn't confirm) but assume was free wifi.

How did they hear my name wrong? Also, can the person that wrote the board be in charge of writing the cups?

The coffee was pretty good. I can't wait to go there properly. This one was at 16 Akin Adesola/Adeola Odeku. 

The Tea Room Abuja

I love tea. I love drinks in general, but tea is one of my greatest loves so imagine my excitement when a new tea place opened in Abuja with tea in the name! I went about two weeks ago to try it.

It's a cute little place that only sits six people so perfect if you really don't want to be around too may people.

As adventurous as pomegranate tea sounded, I went for a safe and regular lemon and mint tea.

I would have died if they plonked a mug on my table. A great part of drinking tea is the experience of drinking tea, you know?

When it comes down to it, I'm not sure basically a candle can keep a whole pot of tea warm but it was a pretty sentiment.

The pot was HUGE. It would be easy to share this with one or two people. I felt like I kept pouring and pouring and pouring, but that's a good thing.

I didn't really want to have any 'real' dessert so I had some fresh strawberries and cream. It was killed with cream, wow, I had to dig through to look for the strawberries. However, on a fatter day, I might have appreciated that. I wonder how long it would take before the cream becomes insignificant. Nigerian places are excellent at not remaining consistent and it's more than a little frustrating.

Their desserts looked very good for tea. Their sweetness would be tempered by the blandness of tea, but I was a little surprised at the lack of chocolate offering. I got their menu after I was done because I went in their trial week and they have  selection of breakfasts, savoury foods and an option for high tea(mini sandwiches, desserts and tea to share).

The price is fair but I think at its very maximum. Any push and it will be too expensive especially for a place in Abuja. 

I will definitely be going again, especially on a diet! (Money or food diet)

Not Another Food Post: Meat Liquor Review


Now that I've made that clear, I can proceed. All these two ingredient places all over London- Burger & Lobster, Duck & Waffle...meat AND liquor? like two of the largest ingredients?? Anyway.

When my friend suggested this as a meet up, I was distraught- why are we going to that loud place, why can't we just go to Byron? But she really wanted to- so we went.

Central London on a Friday Night? Ha. club type queue.

Every single thing I ate was absolutely delicious. The meat was thick and well spiced. The corn was AH-mazing...I didn't think corn could taste so good. I actually said no when my friend asked for one. Sigh. Terrible behaviour, but it was that good. The chips were perfect and crispy and it was so hard to pick a drink. In the end I had a mojito (because I always have a mojito) and it was non-fancy and perfect. I didn't get any pictures of the onion rings we were offered while we waited but they were HUGE and delicious. Crispy and light. 

The only thing I didn't like (and it's a big thing) was the atmosphere. Seating is tight (but it was a saturday night in central London so that't to be expected) and it's dark and loud. Its basically a bar cum club vibe where you eat. I also don't like that all the food is loaded on one tray. If it was with someone I didn't know that well, I would have been a little irritated (boundaries and all).

If you want to try it for the first time, I don't think you should go on a saturday night and definitely don't go there for a catch up or intimate date. I do think it would make the PERFECT place to break up although you might be too tense to fully enjoy the food. 

The bill only came to a respectable £36.20 including service charge and charity donation. Service charge is optional in the UK but I tend to pay it except I really hated the service- then nah G. This charity donation I was reluctant to pay- but my view on charity soliciting in an upcoming post- it was only 50 p, that would have been a bit mean and ridiculous, principle or no. 

My friend was a bit concerned about the 'devilish' symbolism. haha. I think it's just cows horns, but hey!

Best of 2014 : New TV Shows (Fluff)

Before I begin: a warning. My taste in tv is light and airy, it's supposed to entertain, life is already deep and dark enough so this list is going to appeal mainly to people that feel like that. And I feel like I have to mention this: I DIDN'T LIKE BREAKING BAD. So with all that information, clearly stated, I feel like you can proceed at your own risk.

1. Jane the Virgin

This is the ridiculous of ridiculous. It's written a bit like a telenova and if you've ever watched one of those, you'd know that it is a melting pot of over the top storylines and people dying. Jane, a 2nd generation American with an abuela that instills the fear of something in her, decided to wait till marriage to have sex. But mistakenly gets artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man she had a crush on who is also her boss who is also the man her cop boyfriend is get the idea. 

2. Cristela

Not another lawyer show! Yes, another lawyer show, what can I say...lawyers are awesome or everyone is a lawyer. Cristela is a New Jersey gal (yes, accents)...trying to make it as a lawyer in the big city, more or less. I like her. 

3. Red Band Society
Not another medical show! Yes, another medical show, but plot twist, with teenagers- oh oh. All these kids with long term illnesses bond in a hospital with the usual hospital/teenage drama.

4. Finding Carter

Not another teen show! Yep- another. Carter kidnapped at 3, finds out when she's 16 that the woman she thought was her mother is actually her kidnapper. Reunited with her actual parents in another town, she's finding it hard to settle in and misses her kidmother? Yeah, all that with usual teenage drama, heartaches and your parents are imperfect..etc

5. You're the Worst

Two people better suited to one night stands and not getting their lives together meet at a wedding and hit it off and off course end up together. This explores the dysfunction that they are. It's not soap recorded in front of a live studio audience funny. it's better than that.

I have to add at this point that I'm sick of Tv making it seem like you will all get together in the end. You won't. Don't get stuck with a commitphobe because of tv. 

6. Married

Pretty much the couple in You're the Worst after they've been married for some years. a lot-ish of years. At least that's my theory, but hey. Read the last three sentences of the above. Above above, aka no 5.

7. Chasing Life

Girl finds out she has cancer, juggling that with her life basically. 

8. Silicon Valley

I have to say...This is my absolute favourite show from this year. Socially awkward tech guys trying to be the next big startup and socially awkward massive tech guys trying to stay relevant.

9. Broad City

This comes from the youtube show of the same name. Two girls, best friends and their day to day life in New York. It's not New York as we've seen it on any other show and more importantly, it's not about New could be set in any city anywhere and and and their random mix of friends would still be just who they are. 

10. The Lottery

At first, I was taken in by the hype of this show, fancy costumes, set in the future - smart sounding plot and about three episodes in , i realised that this was just well packaged nonsense. Entertaining nonsense. It's the future (glass iPhones) and there is a fertility crisis but a scientist in America has managed to fertilise 100 embryos. These embryos are central to the plot of solving mysteries, terrorism, double agents, etc etc.

11. Satisfaction

What is the plot of this show? I really cannot definitively say and episode to episode, I asked myself up till the end of the series. There are excerpts, there is self discovery, there is infidelity , love, confusion. Maybe watch it and explain it to me.

12. How To Get Away With Murder
I love Greys Anatomy. And I'm starting to understand that 'I Love Greys Anatomy' doesn't necessarily mean 'I Love everything Shonda Rhimes is involved in'. So far, I don't love this show. Then again, I don't like plots centred around one central event. (looking at you Pretty Little Liars), so understandably, I just want to know, do they get away with murder and does everyone end up happily ever after?

Now, a loot of shows have come out this year. Among the others i've tried and discarded are:

Bad Judge
Manhattan Love Story
Marry Me

Uber Lagos Review

I finally took my first uber ride today. Since it was Sunday, I could risk a metered taxi in Lagos and since I hadn't left my house in a week, I could risk taking a taxi at all (but that's a story for another day)

It's pretty easy. You download the app, put in your card details and you're all set. (All uber rides get charged to your card)

The app finds your location, you put in your destination and a driver will be sent to you. You can track his movement on the app and the app updates with estimated arrival time. 

The taxi is metered AND the prices are high calculated based on time and distance, so be careful if you want to jump in it on a random regular day. 

I would definitely use it again on a Sunday. On a weekday? Easy taxi.