You're Gonna Get Murdered- Girls S05E06 Recap

The episodes that start with Marnie are usually the episodes I hate especially when she starts by saying 'you're playing aggressive guitar at me' , to her husband who is lightly plucking the strings to whatever. 

cute headphones though

i remember this guy- isn't this Marnie's ex?

Yes, it is! More than a little worse for wear.

Another Marnie monologue- 'Remember when you said you didn't love me and my life would never amount to anything other than being someone's wife? Well guess what? I am someones wife and I have a life.' The 'I have a life' part is questionable to me tbh.

So, her ex, Charlie is it? asks her to come to something but he has to buy her a dress first. I mean the whole thing sounds legit- not, but whatever. 

Marnie admires herself 

then full on launches into a monologue at the shop assistant. 'Yes, I'm only 25 and a half years old, but I've managed to fit in so much...' LIKE. WHAT. BOO?

still going on

Of course he's at the party to deliver cocaine, but Marnie also delivers some great negotiation skills for a threesome. I mean in the end she charged $600 *eeek* but it was the


she did it

So basically that crazy experience has bonded them and they are having like a wild passionate night

Guess what?

Half my album's about you, you were my family

predictable or nah?

One boat ride later...

omg Charlie is a drug dealer, he won't let them get robbed

he's crazy, he has a knife!

gun vs knife- oops

lmao- he real life took off her earrings that the robber didn't even ask for

Marnie- what am i going to do about you?


Charlie- um, I'm diabetic

I guess Marnie has a line because this is the point where she gets the f out. You go girl. Tide is really turning in my mind.

husband waits dramatically.

"I knew I shouldn't have married you, I didn't want to give up on yet another dream" - proud of Marnie and all but damn son!

Of course he cries.

This whole 'I climb into my best friends bed' dynamic of tv shows is one that I want- hey bestie, what say you?

Can Marnie have...redeemed herself? this episode? I am sooooo confused about my feelings right now