How to prep for a day on the couch

illustration. by @whatdamidid

There are some days that are for productivity and some days that are for the couch. I’m going to give you my best tips to make your next couch day the best one yet!

  1. Pick a good couch- if you have only one couch, then I guess it’s a no brainer, but if you have more than one, pick one that gives you optimal lying and sitting space and that is positioned in front of the tv.

  2. Clear said couch- you want to start with a completely clear couch so you have enough space for everything.

  3. Prep your snacks- pick things that keep your hands relatively clean, couch days aren’t really for barbecue chicken wings.

  4. Prep your drinks bottles- you need a bottle of water- and then a flat drink (yes wine counts, preferably red), something that won’t taste weird after sitting out of the fridge for some time. If you want something fizzy, bring it out last and drink it first.

  5. Create space for your gadgets near a charging source- if there’s no space on the couch, use a small side table or the floor. You need your devices and chargers within arms (or legs) reach.

  6. Plan your couch entertainment- couch days are perfect for bingeing tv shows, reading light books or scrolling mindlessly on social media. If you’re me, do it all.

  7. Make sure everything has a space that isn’t on top of you- you need a clear and quick path to get to the bathroom when you inevitably need to go.

  8. Err on the side of a cold room and keep a blanket close for when you get too cold and start to fall asleep.

  9. Wake up with the credits of a bad movie playing and popcorn crumbs on your laptop and figure out how to get yourself to bed.