A Lesson in Vulnerability- Girls Season 6 episode 8

We start off with Adam rehearsing his speech to Hannah to Jessah

Adam rehearsing his speech to Hannah

“You’re not doing anything wrong”she tells him. L O L

I guess sometimes if you enter a relationship with technicalities, you can’t turn around and get angry for someone else relying on technicalities.

How is Hannah so pregnant? Is it the same method as making a bald head? Then again, that's the size of my stomach everyday after lunch

Pregnant Hannah

Adam find Hannah , delivers an abbrieviated version of the speech and they go back to her apartment


Have awkward sex (is there any other kind) and then go shopping for baby things- Adam already has a list of DIY projects he need to do- everything is moving in a high speed hyper reality. The problem with hyper reality is that reality can temper it really quickly.

On the other hand, Ray is falling in love with someone that Shosh already described as “too much” (I’d argue that youre too much Shosh but whatever)- she's from Shosh's Japan past.

Ray and Japan girl

Jessah is spinning out as you do when the love of your life abruptyly leaves you for their ex with barely any warning

Jessah wilding out
the tears of the dumped

When did we start caring about Rays life? Why does he have a story arc? Why do we care what he does with his inheritance? Why do we want to see him falling in love?

who cares?

Also, its a really stupid question to ask if you would rather live in a beautiful building with a view of a dead building or a dead building with a view of a beautiful building- because all you're asking is would you rather live in a beautiful building or a dead building and hello?? Why do you want to live in a dead building for goodness sake?

When Adam left and went back home, that for me was the perfect metaphor for relationships. This guy really left the house to chase after love that morning- he had sex with someone else and spent the day planning their future and then he enjoyed that and came back home to his actual real life. Men do this shit ALL the damn time- why are the women always welcoming it with open arms- shit- I’ve had that exact Jessah moment- oh to be young and dumb and a ball of emotion

It actually feels like Hannah has her shit together the most, ya know?

Like seriosuly- do we care?

Like seriosuly- do we care?