Best iPad and iPhone Apps of all time

Soundcloud (iphone + ipad, free)

Hello, duh! I love soundcloud because it's all about finding that new artiste or that new remix or actually just someone old making new shit. It never ever gets tiring. The only downside is it requires an internet connection. It's 2015. Get one!

Shazam (iphone + ipad, free)

I don't know how obvious it is that I love music, but everyone NEEDS shazam. You know when you hear a random song anywhere and you need to know what it is, just shazam it (yes, the app is so popular and important, it's now a verb). Open the app and let it listen to the song for a few seconds, so it tells you whats playing. Magic trick.

Whats App (iphone, free)

I wasn't going to state the obvious, but whats app is the best messaging app bar none! For something that has been around for so long and that Facebook is involved in, thats rare.

ABM- A Beautiful Mess (iphone + ipad, $0.99)

I don't know if it's obvious but I'm a little fanatical about my photos and edits. ABM is the best app for customising photos. It's simple but sleek. There a million and one apps that do the same thing but none like ABM. I would say I'm biased because I love their blog but I didn't even know about the blog when I started using this app. Infant, the app was so good, it made me start reading their blog!

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal (iPhone + iPad , free)

Listen. If you're going to count calories and you're not counting with My fitness pal, then I honestly DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Tracking calories is hard and it's so easy to underestimate how much you're casually wolfing down   (your plate of party rice is probably not 300 calories)and 'just one' chocolate bar is not 100 calories. Get it!

UBER (iphone, free)

How did I get around before Uber? Wait, I didn't. I just stayed indoors all the time. Uber has genuinely changed my life. I'm not so sure I'll be all up on the idea of Uber in other countries tbh because like it's basically a strangers car (insert fearmoticon) but in Nigeria, It's pretty much cab companies that sign up or individuals with the mind set of cab companies. It's so convenient and oh btw, here's a Code that gives you a free ride! (it gives me a free ride too. Also, it's N2k credit on your account not like free- if your ride is over 2k you'll get charged the difference) for more on how uber works, read my review on uber here.

Instasize(iphone + ipad, free)

You know when you have a badass full length photo, but can't get it the silly instagram frame? Easy peasy- stick it in this app and open it in instagram! Problem solved!

IF (IFTTT) (iphone + ipad, free)

I should have done a whole post on this app actually. It used to be called IFTTT (if this then that) and that's basically what it does. You can set up a whole set of actions. So in this post where I talked about getting emailed HONY updates, I set it up in IFTTT, so 'if Humansofny posts a new photo' then 'send me the post as an email', it works with an endless amount of channels. The possibilities!!

Duolingo (iphone + ipad, free)

Learn language in a fun way! Duolingo structures language learning like a game, taking you through levels that include speaking, listening and writing. I'm using it for french at the moment and really enjoy it. It even has a web app so you can pick up where you left off across all your devices.

Kindle (iphone + ipad, free)

Read anything! I use it to read pdf documents, magazines  and well, books that I don't download from amazon and books that I download from amazon . It's cross platform as well so when I finally give up on apple, I can take all my stuff with me.

incredibooth(iPhone + ipad, free)

These days, one of the best things about the reception is the photo booth, so how great is it to have a photo booth on your phone!