The Engagement Starter Pack

Look at the nail polish, not the nails

 We've just come out of a wedding/engagement season. Christmas, year ending, year starting, vacations (meaning loads of plane proposal opportunities) and so on. If you missed out on last season, don't despair, there's a new season next month! Phew! And I'm going to tell you how to make sure you're ready ready ready when it comes.

1. Nails Nails Nails- Do I even need to say this? Buff , shine and oil those cuticles. This is the first thing you do after it happens and chipped nails might be quirky but your friends are not going to want to put up that picture of your crusty fingernails and if your engagement picture isn't shared, did you get engaged?

Look at the perfection of these nails and ring and hands. Who wouldn't want to get engaged to this?

2. Hands- honestly, if you're waiting for your engagement, you're probably old enough that you should be slathering hand cream on your hands endlessly for no reason (well, for the reason that you're like...old). No-one wants to see folds of skin pooling around your engagement ring.

Can't you see what difference moisturiser would make to these hands?

3. Waterproof Mascara- because you HAVE to cry. HAVE TO. Have you mistakenly watched an engagement? the guy almost gets on one knee and they girl puts her head down, already overwhelmed and he asks and she takes a loooong time to say yes and then there's a long hug. My point is- cry and waterproof mascara so after the hug, you can look cute for the photos.

4. Sync your calendar with a friend- not your period calendar and preferable a friend that likes taking pictures. Imagine it happens and it's beautiful and all these things are perfect AND THERE'S NO VIDEO OF IT AFTERWARDS. The worst! Now is the time to make sure your friend coincidentally eats wherever you eat, goes to whatever party you go to and if he ends up doing it in a private place, well at least you tried.

5. Eyebrows- your hands will be covering most of your face but your eyebrows will show!! So please and please , keep those eyebrows 'on fleek'

Perfect way to show the ring and engagement announcement