Nigerian Law School Bar Finals Tips and Hacks

Law school exams are here again and following the massive failure lately, it doesn't hurt to have a few tips on the ready. 

1. Attend every single revision class. A revision class is where it was casually announced that the time of our exam had been cut. 

2. Read the same thing from different sources (by different sources, I mean lecture notes and revision notes, not mami materials) as many times as possible.

3. Take no more than a few minutes to arrange your thoughts, but then write really fast. Three hours speeds by faster than you might think.

4. Leave two lines after you answer every question in case you remember something.

5. Give straight to the point answers. You have no time for faffing around.

6. If you're making good time, give examples, where relevant.

7. When you're unsure of the exact answer, write everything you know about the theme of the question.

8. Where you have a choice, don't answer a question that requires you to draft a process if you're not sure of every single part of that process. 

9. Make sure you go through every single page of the syllabus and know what everything is. Some questions may be on something that wasn't mentioned in class at all, but every question will be from the syllabus. You should know everything, even if it's not in detail, you don't really have time to answer anything in that much detail. However, you answers should be articulate. 

10. Memorize your exam number. 

11. Don't take your watch to the exam. In the middle of my exams, watches were randomly banned and someone I know had her watch stolen. If you don't want to rely on the random clock in the hall, bring a cheap watch.

12. In fact, don't bring anything you don't need.

13. Dress properly.

14. It's better to miss 15 minutes of last minute studying than to be let into the hall 30 minutes late. Be smart about going in on time.

15. Ask lecturers questions at any point before the exam. 

16. Beware of mami materials, except maybe past questions. Ask questions and follow the syllabus.

17. If you're in Abuja, the redeemed revision class is decent for last minute group revision. If group revision has never worked for you before, don't try it now.  

17. If everything else I say is irrelevant, USE THE SYLLABUS to study.  

Good luck!

5 things you learn as an adult

 1.  Nobody is either good or bad. There is no such thing as completely bad to completely good. Humans are complex creatures with the capacity for good and bad and what they do depends on many environmental factors.

2. No one is going to make you do things. You have to make yourself.

3. How you look is probably not the most important thing about you.

4. Neither is how intelligent you are.

5. Your dreams fade/die if you don't constantly cultivate them.

6. Friendship takes effort.

7. Someone is going to title their post 5 things and tell you 7, that's life, deal with it

just do it, Dammit!!

I over think everything. Everything, everything, everything. The over thinking mostly ends up in undergoing or not doing at all and its like procrastination x 150,000. It's terrible. It's also ridiculous. It's more ridiculous because we now live in this super hyped up world where everyone seems to be doing and doing and doing...or is seen to be doing. There's a main hustle and a side hustle to a side hustle to a side hustle all wrapped up in a brand name. I've been part of people's hustles and I can't help but ask myself...where is your hustle?

I'm asking myself these questions like...

1. what do you want to achieve

2. How are you going to get there

3. What's the worst thing that would happen if instead of overthinking, you just did??

4. How come pepper soup isn't that common? Even in restaurants with apparently Nigerian menus?

Has this post suddenly transformed my whole I suddenly going to just become a Nike logo and do things? Probably not...But also probably not not. 

The Engagement Starter Pack

Look at the nail polish, not the nails

 We've just come out of a wedding/engagement season. Christmas, year ending, year starting, vacations (meaning loads of plane proposal opportunities) and so on. If you missed out on last season, don't despair, there's a new season next month! Phew! And I'm going to tell you how to make sure you're ready ready ready when it comes.

1. Nails Nails Nails- Do I even need to say this? Buff , shine and oil those cuticles. This is the first thing you do after it happens and chipped nails might be quirky but your friends are not going to want to put up that picture of your crusty fingernails and if your engagement picture isn't shared, did you get engaged?

Look at the perfection of these nails and ring and hands. Who wouldn't want to get engaged to this?

2. Hands- honestly, if you're waiting for your engagement, you're probably old enough that you should be slathering hand cream on your hands endlessly for no reason (well, for the reason that you're like...old). No-one wants to see folds of skin pooling around your engagement ring.

Can't you see what difference moisturiser would make to these hands?

3. Waterproof Mascara- because you HAVE to cry. HAVE TO. Have you mistakenly watched an engagement? the guy almost gets on one knee and they girl puts her head down, already overwhelmed and he asks and she takes a loooong time to say yes and then there's a long hug. My point is- cry and waterproof mascara so after the hug, you can look cute for the photos.

4. Sync your calendar with a friend- not your period calendar and preferable a friend that likes taking pictures. Imagine it happens and it's beautiful and all these things are perfect AND THERE'S NO VIDEO OF IT AFTERWARDS. The worst! Now is the time to make sure your friend coincidentally eats wherever you eat, goes to whatever party you go to and if he ends up doing it in a private place, well at least you tried.

5. Eyebrows- your hands will be covering most of your face but your eyebrows will show!! So please and please , keep those eyebrows 'on fleek'

Perfect way to show the ring and engagement announcement


In this new social media age, raising money for charity has moved beyond showing moving images of starving African children and abused donkeys and unto more sophisticated and modern methods. Just this year, we have had the ALS ice bucket challenge, #nomakeupselfie, and off course Michael Kors is selling a watch for charity (i.e a little less than 10 percent of the sale of each watch is going to charity).

Charity is a noble cause no matter the motive and no matter the method if the end result is resources going to those who need it. However, it's a bit tiring the constant exploitative methods being used to garner support. If donation to charity is attached to some kind of sale in which only a fraction of the takings are being donated to charity, then that's advertising. It's not a grey moral area for me, it's quite black and white , it's bad. I'm all for honesty and openness, that is, admit that business is business and charity is charity but don't try to confuse one for the other.

The underlying message from these campaigns is 'c'mon, lets help the needy, you can do it' without mention of 'oh and this is adding a huge percentage to my bottom line'. Again, it's good that the needy get some money at the end of the day but people need to learn what the word charity actually means. Charity isn't something for something, thats a marketing ploy.

I know the whole Bob Geldof ebolagate is still fresh in our minds. (He wanted us to buy the album and delete it and buy it again because he sang a song about how West Africans won't experience christmas this year) although I have to say, I'm in West Africa and I have plans for christmas and no-one I know has ebola. I also have an iTunes account but I'm not inclined to buy this album once, more less twice because you asked me to Bobby.

I think one of the reasons these campaigns work so well is that we all want an excuse to buy something guilt free or do as little as possible to actually give to charity. I definitely find it easier to write this post or give £2 a month rather than volunteer my time to any meaningful cause. I watched a lot of ice bucket challenges but I don't know the stats of motor neuron disease. If i was going to buy a pretty new watch for christmas, it'll certainly be nice to buy one that also means I'm donating to charity. Every little helps right? 

Nasty Girl

The year was 2001. The album- Survivor. Beyonce and Kelly were 19 years old, Michelle was 20 and  they were rising out of a bad break up (hence the surviving). Track 4 comes on...

You's a nasty, nasty, trashy, nasty

Sleazy, nasty classless, nasty

Nasty put some clothes on, I told ya

Don't walk out your house without your clothes on, I told ya
Girl what you thinkin' bout lookin' that to' down, I told ya
These men don't want no hot female that's
Been around the block female, you nasty girl





Hard for women like me

Who try to have some intergrity

You make it hard for girls like myself
Who respect themselves and have dignity
You nasty girl, you nasty, you trashy
You classless girl, you sleazy, you freaky
N A S T Y ya nasty, F R E A K Y ya freaky
Girl where's your P R I D E, put some clothes on

13 years later, this song will not fly. Women calling other woman hoes for the way they look? Nah G 

Marie Claire UK November Round-Up

I love magazines! I read mostly British magazines after trying American, South African, French, Canadian, Australian and Nigerian magazines. 

Marie Claire was my favourite magazine to read this month. 

It was full of so much stuff! 


On Creative Blocks

this is what sitting in front of a computer for a full day looks like

I am extremely blocked. I've spent my whole day looking for inspiration on lifestyle blogs and reading lists and tips on how to 'unlock my creativity' and be a 'great blogger'. I paid for a blog layout and I have a list of ideas to blog about.

However, I realised that I've been blogging for years and that has never been a reason to blog. How good or bad of a blogger I am, I blog to get my info from my head into some sort of platform. I want people to see it but I still want it to be for me! That's what I've realised today about creativity. You can spend all the time in the world planning for it but until you do SOMEthing, it's pointless.

so this is my something for the day.


I keep thinking the key to finishing is starting over. Like if I keep doing new things, one day, I'll hit on something that truly captivates me enough that I can't help but to finish. Nothing ever is. All I do is start a series of unfinished things. So now, this is like my millionth blog with no clear idea of what it's supposed to say. I've never quite achieved skinny except by accident and maybe that's what finishing is like for some people. An accident. Maybe too sad that all you can do is write and one day you wake up with something finished.

But I don't want an accident , I want to learn how to do it. Myself. Don't yell at the screen 'JUST. DO. IT.' If self proclamations were wishes, I'd have wished on a million of them by now.


Another day, another post. That's progress right?