Hashtag Wedding Body aka Nigerian Summer Body

So, I wrote an entire post on my plan to basically get a Summer body for my friends wedding in 6 weeks.  I never published it or properly finished it so i’ve reproduced the draft I did.

I asked EatDrinkLagos if they could commission me to try various diets. Nosa laughed and Folayemi ignored me.  I thought, shit- I’m going to be fat forever- then it occurred to me that I might as well tell my own story- less likely to look stupid as well, since I have a tiny audience.

I’ve been a bridesmaid NINE times. And in roughly six weeks, I take up my post again.  As usual, the dress is gorgeous and unforgiving and I’m side eyeing my belly everyday like yikes! So ideally, I should do something undramatic that I can ease into and that- but like I wanna be in the hot league of bridesmaids- I want to break free from making my aso-ebi into a baggy shift dress- I want it to be like some ridiculous tight thing that I need an extra long zip and some pulling to fit into.  At the same time, I want my health- yano. I’m fat and stuff- so I’m not going to be slim in sevenish week- but I want to be you know? Sculpted- so diet is king and whatnot but I’m going to turn to exercise for this one- because you know those “thick” video girl bodies yeah? Gym!

How much can a body change in 6 weeks?

Dami is about to find out.

Well, at the time I wrote the post, I had 6, maybe 7 weeks. Now I have like a month. My plan was to document the entire process, so people could watch me lose weight rather than wait till i’d lost it to ask me a bunch of questions.  I know a big part of me thought it was possible to achieve my weight loss goals In 6 weeks- I didn't admit that to myself but that's really what I thought. So anyway, I explained here why I was finding it super hard to post that.  After Folayemi of @eatdrinklagos published her food diary, I got super gingered and decided to start mine. The thing is, I want to do it daily as much as possible, so I'm going to post Monday now and then do it only one day behind, for greater accountability.  Please no one ask me how I intend to lose even a quarter of a pound eating the way I do- smh.



I start my day with a workout, new season of insecure, probiotics and water- so actually feeling pretty pumped!

9.30am coffee.JPG







I have a coffee buddy at work. Our common interest is not drinking shit coffee so we share coffees and creamers etc. Anyway, I use their new hazelnut coffee creamer, but forget that it's sugar free. I HATE sugar free anything, so it's gross but I drink it anyway.



I have a second cup of coffee- this time- packet cappucino. Much better. All this caffeine and no food is making me feel empty.







with no food prospects in sight, I start eating this giant brownie I got from Hans & Rene the day before. When I buy junk food to have in the future, I question my decision making skills- why am I planning ahead to satisfy a future unwelcome craving?


Giant Cookie



I have this giant cookie I also bought from hans and rene.







I eat actual nutrients for the first time today. This is leftover from my meal prep last week. Brown basmati, shredded beef and vegetables in a tomato sauce and grilled broccoli.




I feel like I need to apologise to my body for all the sugar so I have a massive green tea.

hershey bars




Literally haven't drank half of my green tea and someone comes round with free chocolate. People at work usually come back from trips abroad with free chocolate for everyone in the office. I eat one.









Still at work. Eat the rest of the chocolate, except the GROSS milk chocolate, which tastes like actual vomit. If it was from Shoprite, I would be convinced it was fake or expired.

The one good thing from today is that I've had 4 litres of water, but obviously very little actual nutrition.