Monotony aka Consistency


Aka boring as hell- Do you know how boring it is to do the same thing everyday? Especially when it's good for you?

Actually, let me rephrase- it's only incredibly hard and boring to do something everyday when it's good for you- and that's the thing about changing your lifestyle, dieting , losing weight , fitness, blablabla etc

Maybe it's the first of a month or someone just gave up their seat because they thought you were pregnant or shaded you or you just woke up with plenty ginger - so you decide to change- you buy shitloads of fruit and veg- you grill some chicken- you download insanity.

Day 2.5 and it's your friends birthday and the journey through small chops and birthday cake ruin your life. Suddenly , your lettuce is wilting and your chicken has gone off, lifestyle change paused- again.

I remember when I started running- I used to run 12 minutes every single day- rain, snow, hail, scorching summer , when I eventually started doing 3 miles a day, same thing- until 3 miles became a short run for fun and I could do 12 mile runs without having to catch my breath after (how the mighty have fallen).

But you know what? That shit was hard. Consistency means some days are bad and some days are good but ultimately , there are more good days than bad days or enough good days to make changes.

Consistency tends to look insignificant day to day but if you do 10 minutes of working out everyday, it adds up and is better for your body than doing one crazy 2 hour workout a month and never working out again. Sometimes when you're being consistent, you need to just pause the image of the 'end' because sometimes it seems tooooo far away. If you think of the 20kg you have to lose instead of the 0.5 you've lost, it's enough to make you give up.

But you know...just keep going.

Spoiler Alert: watched pots boil.