A History of Things

Everybody has them. Those things that follow you around and have sentimental value even if you may not realise at the time you get it. I've moved many many times and started many new lives and there are some things that always make the cut after the clutter is cleared. some of the clutter is cleared. (The clutter is NEVER clear)

Silver Rings

One Christmas, I was window shopping and came across the gucci ring. I'm not sure what I was doing in a jewellery store, I think I went with my friend to buy a watch. I was instantly obsessed with it. I was sick with desire. I left the store and went home. I called my best friend to discuss it and then I went back 2 hours later and bought it! £160. One of my more foolish purchases tbh. But through thick and thin, it's been with me. I hardly ever take it off and everytime I've thought it was lost, it's  managed to show up. It signalled my move away from buying tons of disposable things to spending more money on fewer things. Off course I still buy dumb stuff, I don't have bags of primark crap everywhere.

On a trip to New York, I went to Pandora to try and buy some silver rings. I was obsessed with the idea of wearing a ring on almost every finger. Alas, of all the rings they had, I could only find ONE ring I actually liked and it was the wrong size but I bought it anyway and it's lived on my thumb ever since. Like the Gucci ring, I never ever take it off. I've lost so many rings and earrings but somehow I've managed to keep these two rings. 


This was my first 'designer' bag. Again, it was a christmas present to myself. I think I go crazy at christmas because it's so close to my birthday and everyone is in such a festive mood, it's easy to justify your purchases. I can't remember how much it was but I can't forget the feeling when I walked out of the store. I felt so accomplished and adult. It lived up to the hype I'd created in my mind and lasted through years of daily abuse!


I got it into my head that I needed a typewriter. I trawled websites but as much as I wanted one, I wasn't desperate enough to fork out the ridiculous prices I was seeing. One day I walked by one of my favourite vintage stores and it was sitting in the window. The lovely owner lady didn't accept card payments at the time, so I jogged to a cash point, and walked away with a beautiful typewriter. It looked great in my apartment and it inspired me so much at the time. This typewriter has endured two moves already and although these days it does not much more than sit in a corner gathering dust, it's still going wherever I go next.

Humans of New York Book

I know I'm not the only one that's obsessed with the HONY instagram account. I love it so much, I've set up an action to email me every new post. When I heard there was a book, I hustled to find it. I had moved back to Nigeria by then and you know how difficult finding anything can be. I couldn't find it anywhere in England where it would have been easy to order it and get it sent. Eventually, my friend in New York bought it for me and sent it in time for...you guessed it...Christmas!!! It's still one of the best presents I've gotten!