On Engagementism

Let's be clear about one thing. Girls LOVE getting engaged. They love the ring, they love the status update, they love the instagram post and they love wedding details. But they especially love the ring. Ask any girl over the age of 23 what kind of ring and she knows. It doesn't mean she knows the cut and clarity, it means she knows how much she wants her boyfriend (or a guy she hasn't met yet) to spend on her ring for maximum brag value.

I'm a girl over 23 so I know what kind of ring I want (a diamond ring from an actual jeweller, not a chain store even tiffanys) and the kind of wedding I want (a cheap one) but I honestly don't get the fixation on getting engaged.

It's not a fixation on the wedding day (even though there is a fixation on that, not to mention a ridiculous amount of money and effort), it's not a fixation on marriage. It's a fixation on that first ring selfie with a hopeful freshish manicure and a stream of congratulatory messages and essays dissecting the ring.

Also, to go slightly off on a tangent, on wedding blogs and instagram and even personal posts about the brides dress, I only ever really hear where its from when its a over a thousand dollar designer (ESPECIALLY if it's Vera Wang)

Anyway, what is it about the engagement that is so exciting? The surprise of it? (although people are printing invitations before even getting engaged lately, so I don't know if there's even surprise involved) Is it the new shiny piece of jewellery? Although I met someone with the largest cubic zircon ring , is it the happiness that you're not going to die a spinster and remain under the glaring judgment of your peers and your parents?

Hmm. I might have just figured this thing out. 

About Tyra Banks and That Modelling Show

Is the TYRA banks show about anything other than TYRA banks- oh my bad , I called it the TYRA banks show- I meant Americas next top model. Except America, next, top and model all mean something different to the basic use of the words as we're used to them, it doesn't seem like the show serves any purpose than to highlight Tyras bad editing choices and hero complex.

It's entertaining tv- no doubt but I have a few pressing questions

1. Why is TYRA in the opening sequence for longer than everyone else. I would argue why is she in it at all- but hey hey- it's her show

2. Why does she take irrelevant photos at the beginning of panel that often don't have to do with the weeks challenge at all??

3. What are the horrible outfits she wears at panel and who is her stylist and why is her lace wig still so lacy? I mean even MY lace wig isn't that lacy and I'm unemployed
my lace wig

what is Tyra Banks wearing ffs

4. Why is the competition about so many other things than modelling -Oh your face...oh you're not fun...blablablabla

5. What are these makeovers??? Do you ever really see money making top models having funny coloured two tone hair as their standard 'look'- no. Models are largely mannequins and while they may have striking features occassionally, I don't know if multi coloured hair really counts

Then again, what do I know about modelling?