Palm Wine and Other Local Drinks

When you think of wine , you think - red, white, sparkly , non- sweet, tart, tastings, crackers , cheese- there are so many wine associations

When it comes to palm wine *crickets*

We know it's tapped. We know it's from Palm kernels. People have nkwobi with it sometimes. That's it. But Palm wine has a fascinating history - there are regions, types and interesting food pairings. Health benefits, proper storage and what other kinds of alcohol come from Palm wine- *spolier alert*, ogogoro is one of them. Studio of Mode has done the hard work for you, travelling and learning about palm wine and now you can come and check out what they found (and drink palm wine)

This exhibition is for you if any or half (or none) applies:

  • You're tired of the same old weekend routine
  • You want to drink and learn new stuff at the same time
  • You always wanted to be a wine expert but might as well be a Palm wine expert
  • You're curious about history especially the Nigerian kind
  • You've been looking for new reasons to justify your drinking
  • You hate cheese and you hate crackers and just want some spice in your life

There will be bottles of palm wine on sale as well - so you can take the party home with you.